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The 2005 aviary influenza epidemic brought a dramatic change to the world's female population.

Cannibalism is now practised, to some degree, in nearly every country.

Third world countries have far more permissive laws. Some can control their new feminine impulses and, although a minority, there are enough of them to share, equally, with men posts of responsibility in society.

On-board food is also excellent, usually a buffet including freshly impaled girl kebab.

Private associations and particulars are also allowed to organize lotteries and cannibal feasts.

These events are often very wild and imaginative, usually consisting of a continuous orgy.

'Dolcett World Cruise Lines', an international company specialized in luxury, cannibal cruises, is universally respected and currently receives subventions from several international organizations in recognition of its efforts to redistribute world wealth and correct sexes imbalance. It also promotes, and generously funds, 'Dolcett clubs' worldwide.

'Dolcett clubs', named after a cartoonist famous for his extremely erotic, woman eating drawings, are non profit associations dedicated to the enjoyment of cannibalism.

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